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planter 025.jpg

Table planter

A project to investigate the effects and applications of form in combination with fixed materials. By investigating what different shapes and compositions do with aesthetics, a concept idea was created. By sketching and experimenting in 3D, the final model was realised.




- warm 

- "soft"

- calm



- cold

- hard

- rough

3D ideation

By working in blender3D, different variations of the same model can be visualised very quickly. In this way small changes in the model can be made without having to completely re-model it.

Final model

Due to the use of wood and concrete as materials, the freedom of form is very high. By turning wood for the feet and the holder they are relatively easy to produce. The pot itself can be produced in a mold because it can come out due to it's shape.

Planter en Bank nieuw 001.jpg
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