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Rhino grasshopper projects

On this page I will post my most recent projects done with the parametric design software Rhino Grasshopper, most of these projects are done for various study-related assignments for a minor at Saxio called "computational design and digital making" or "CDDM for short. 

Rhino grasshopper projects

This design was made for the final assignment of the Rhino Grasshopper lessons from the CDDM minor

Persoonlijk portfolio 2022-September NL30.png
Persoonlijk portfolio 2022-September NL32.png
Persoonlijk portfolio 2022-September NL33.png
Persoonlijk portfolio 2022-September NL34.png

Smaller projects

Anemone vase

A vase made with a looping plugin called "anemone". This script makes a growing vase based on input curves that could be 3d printed to make a realized model.

Vase render in studio thing 03.jpg

Kangaroo chair

A chair made with the kangaroo physics simulation plugin for Grasshopper. This chair is made using a pattern that is inflated to produce rock shapes.

Chair 07-Edit.jpg

Parametric bike

This frame design was made using parameters such as wheel size and desired geometry.


Parametric lamp

A parametric roof with the intent to create interest and interesting lighting with a 3D printed lamp.

lamp 04 02.jpg
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